The Aura And The 15-Dimensional Time Matrix


Unveil The Love Within

There are 7 embodied chakras that are within the human body. And 8 morphogenetic chakras that surround the body. Together it is 15 chakras within this construct called the Time Matrix. Many psychics that are into energy healing work only know about 7 chakras, or 8, or 12. But the reality is that there is a total of 15 chakras as part of a person’s energetic anatomy.

The 15-Dimensional Time Matrix and 15 aura layers

Each of the 15 chakras correspond to a dimensional level and specific color. Each specific dimensional color has a certain frequency vibration. The lower the dimensions are, the denser the matter and reality field it is stationed at. And the lower the frequency of the dimensional reality fields are. The chakras are the energetic turnstiles that move the Source energy coming from the top of the head, downward from the center of the spine through…

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