Healing America’s Shadow Self


Today I am sad.

I am sad that our Nation is so wounded and divorced from its true nature. Yet I will not judge. Not today. Today I refuse to surrender to thoughts of retribution or hate. Hate, clearly, can summon the powers of the world, but only love can summon the power of God or the Universe. It takes tremendous faith in the magic and power of love to refuse to hate those who behave in hateful ways. Yet when we can realize that our mission is to love and forgive, we notice that every moment is an opportunity to do so.

Our Nation has been wounded and bleeding the blood of the vulnerable and marginalized among us. Our shadow selves have risen and taken over. This uncovering of what lies darkly within is a painful but necessary step in the process of healing.  Our shadow self contains all the parts of ourselves that we have tried to hide or deny. It contains those dark aspects that we believe are not acceptable to our family, friends, and most important, ourselves. The dark side is stuffed deeply within our consciousness, hidden from ourselves and others. Instead of trying to suppress our shadows, we need to reveal, own and embrace the very things we are most afraid of facing. Only then can we step into our authenticity as a person, people and a Nation. Then, finally, the healing can commence.

Our nation has just revealed its shadow. As ugly, painful, discouraging and disheartening as it may feel, it must still be exposed for what it is. Now that it at last has been excavated and given a face, we can begin the next phase of identifying how it exists within each of us. We must seek out and expose these shadow thoughts, feelings, bias, expectations and entitlements and acknowledge them, integrating them fully or destroying them utterly by loving them.

I realize that not everyone is there yet. We mustn’t give up. We have too much work to do. Healing is often an itchy endeavor. It is uncomfortable, sometimes grueling work. The world will not change until we do. But I have faith in us. I believe in us to continue to be the light bearers of the world.

It all starts with me and a single brave and focused flame, because it only takes one candle to light the darkness.