Dear Pyewacket…Calling/Attracting A New Familiar

By lore and definition, traditionally a familiar is a spiritually attuned creature living near or with a witch/shaman/energy worker or person who helps them have insight into nature and assists in magical work. One doesn’t necessarily “choose” this creature so much as the creature and witch discover each other and the bond that they share. All forms of animal, bird, snake, rodent, frog, lizard, salamander or insects can be familiars. No matter what kind of creature it might be, the familiar is no mere pet. The animal in question is the revealer of truths and a respected partner in every sense.

I am using the energy of this Black Moon on September 30th, to release and plant this seed into the Universe and call forth my new familiar.

Dearest Pyewacket, my newest, darling kitty-girl,
I know you’re out there looking for me as I am looking for you. I want you to know that I have made a special place in our home and my heart for you. Now I am waiting and looking, knowing for sure that we will meet before Halloween this year. I call to you as you have called to me.


I had a vision you see. A message from my beloved Pepper, who left this world for the Shining Plains of Mag Findargat 3 years ago Halloween night. I’ve seen your face and know you’re on your way here to me, filled with magic, purrs and frivolity. I am excited and filled with joy because I need you too right now. Desperately. I know you are aware of all of this, because you are a powerful and independent spirit, and still I want to throw it out, sparkling and full of magic, on the Universal winds.

We will have much fun, many adventures and make mischief and magic together, you and I. Until then, I will search every rescue, shelter and look for you wherever you may be needing me, even as I wait for you to appear out of nowhere. For the Universe knows, just as we do, that even magic needs a guiding hand.

With anticipation, deep love, high respect and cuddles,

Oh Brigid, Cernunnos, Artemis and Fauna,
For good of all and harm to none,
Hear my plea as I call the one
Companion, partner, familiar, friend
Ally with me to the end.
Amen/Namaste/So it is. 


EDIT: 3 days after posting this and sending out my call, I received a message from a local farmer whose mouser had a litter of kittens in their sheep barn. They were going to be sent to rescue if they weren’t adopted and was I interested in the little runt with the half orange face. Even though I knew it was coming, I was astounded and gasped because in my vision, Pye had a half orange face. Needless to say, happy to introduce my new friend and familiar, Pyewacket.pye