Full Moon Magic: 10 Basic Steps and Preparations with Prosperity and Peace Spell Example

Utilizing the full moon to amplify magic isn’t new. Historically, Witches, Druids and other magically minded people have always done magic under the full and new moons. Some people use the moon phases to decide when to plant and harvest their crops. Native American people read omens and signs in the color, phase and month of the moon. So just what is it about the moon that makes it so magical?

To be 100% accurate, no one is exactly sure. However, many smart folks have some solid theories. It has been well understood that the moon has a physical effect on the earth and tides. Through this tidal pull, every living thing is also affected physiologically, from plants and animals to human beings. Even ancient man knew about the connection between the moon and the tides and could see that people and animals often felt and acted differently under the influence of a full moon. Farmers who plant by the moon believe that the same gravitational force that pulls the tides, the same cosmic rhythms that draw a horseshoe crab ashore to mate, also cause crops, especially those that bear above ground, to leap right out of the earth. Scientific studies conducted over a hundred years ago didn’t necessarily bear fruit, but lots of people still feel the connection and call to the full moon.

We like magic. We want to believe in magic, so we do. Those of us who practice regularly with the full moon have experienced that magic first hand, and probably more than a few times. So timing our spell/energy/prayer work with the phase and cycle of the moon just boosts your magic to the next level for success. I feel the new and full moon very strongly. My body is attuned to it without me having to look up into the sky at all. I don’t sleep on the tail end of a waxing moon or during the full moon. For many years, my menstrual cycle was also in sync with the moon. There is a sense of fullness, of completeness when the moon is full; the world is full of hope and possibility. The full moon is associated with the mother archetype, and we can see why when we feel this energy -it’s as if the world is pregnant with possibility.

Preparing for Full Moon Magic

When working magic during the full moon, we want to be aware of a few things in order to make best use of the energies the cosmos have opened for us. Knowing what the astrological sun sign, moon sign when the moon is full, and the day of the week that you will be working under will all immensely amplify and focus any spells or prayers that you choose to do, as well as lead you to what needs to be done. I am writing this in August 2016, with the sun in Leo and the full moon to be in Aquarius on a Thursday. I have posted about this month’s aspects here. So I won’t go into a whole lot of detail in this post about why I have chosen to do a Emerging Peace and Prosperity spell for the world.

Sun sign: Leo (Fire sign, ruled by the sun, passionate, creative, expressive)
Full moon in: Aquarius (Air sign, ruled by Uranus & Saturn, rebellious, innovative, analytical, forward-thinking, revolutionary, community-minded)
Day of the week: Thursday for Prosperity, Abundance and Good Health
Other aspects: Jupiter in Virgo

1. Decide on/Write your Spell/Prayer/Affirmation

Once you have taken a look at the astrological forecast and have a rough idea of what might be auspicious to consider working on, check the day of the week. Each day has a particular spell casting association and correspondences to also consider. For instance, this month, the full moon is on a Thursday, ruled by Jupiter, good for spells involving prosperity, abundance, and good health.

When I sit down to write my spell, I take all of this information into consideration and meditate on it. I ask the Universe/God/Goddess what this means to me and to the world, because all the good things I want for myself, I want for others as well. Sit quietly for a few minutes and let these ideas come to you. What needs to be done will make itself known. It may take a while – you may need to walk away and focus on something else – wash dishes or cook dinner, even go to work. It will just pop into your head, and you’ll know. Then you write it down. Does it have to rhyme? No, especially if it isn’t a spell. But I can tell you this: If you take the time to make the rhyme, your spell is bold and more power it will hold. Rhyming and cadence help us to be very specific when choosing our words, which forces us to be very focused and specific with our intention.

Affirmation for Peace and Prosperity:
I am inspired, passionate and powerful. I create opportunities for success and prosperity with every choice I make. I have the courage and the will to change the world around me and bring the flaming light of passion to the dark corners where I travel. I use my creativity and expression in positive ways to help and uplift others, reminding them of their own power and motivating them to do the same.
My mind is calm and peaceful, my body is radiant and healthy and my spirit is joyful. I release all that has tethered me in the past; dropping anything that hinders peace, prosperity and good health from free-flowing into my life and the lives of those around me.  All I wish for, all I need, I summon now in word and deed. I release this out into the world, as it flows from me to those around me, out into the world at large, it brings waves of serenity and harmony through the violence and chaos. Namaste

altar2. Altar

If you have an altar, clean and charge it with new intention by redecorating. An altar can be anything that you use to showcase, honor, or bring in specific energies as well as a place to centralize your work. It can be a table, bookshelf, armoire, nightstand, dresser, mantle, boulder, tree stump or cloth laid on the ground. Decorate it with anything that is sacred to you, or that represents Peace and Prosperity (or whatever you choose to do with your spell). Colors, crystals, herbs, flowers, all have correspondences, but if you feel strongly that a specific item should be included in your work – use it! You know best. Altar items can also include photos (deities or ancestors), charms, animals (I used frog for this month), representations of the elements (earth, air, fire, water), a cup for sacred offering, incense, candles, a bell or singing bowl (for purification) or smudge stick, statues or figures, oracle cards etc. When calling in the elements you will need incense, candles (and flame), water and salt or dirt. Keep these handy and use them when you call in the elemental.

3. Purification

Purification is the act of spiritually/energetically and physically cleansing yourself before working magic. It allows us to go in to our spellcraft/energy work/prayer relieved of any energetic detritus that may have accumulated in our auras, body, mind and spirit. We do this so that we can become a pure vessel to transmute, transform and transfigure energy in the direction we want it to go or the form we want it to take. Purification can be as simple as showering, however many of us magic workers like to take it further, making it a ritual that we perform, as it begins to set the intention and magic-field before we even begin. A perfect start is a sea salt (not table salt, epsom salt or kosher salt) and baking soda bath. To this you can add your choice of aromatherapy oils (diluted in a tsp. of carrier oil, such as almond, jojoba, olive or apricot), flower petals or a muslin tea bag full of herbs.

Once we have showered or bathed and are garbed (as follows below), we then can use a smudge stick or incense to cleanse around the body and the energetic body. Some people prefer to use quartz crystals or anointing oils. I have been to circles where we have used white flowers, blessed water and salt. Whatever you choose, remember that it is your active intention and will to purify and cleanse before consciously doing energy/spell work.

4. Garb

Garb is essentially anything you wear that makes you feel special, spiritual, powerful, witchy, or closer to God/Goddess. It is clothing (maybe?) that you wouldn’t wear everyday. I say maybe, because there are some who like to go Skyclad (which means nakey). I prefer to wear pure white, black, blue or purple (depending on what I am doing) and I like it to be flowy, gypsy-ish or bohemian. Kind of hippy dippy, because that’s what I’m into. You can garb yourself however you choose as long as you are wearing something different than you would wear to work or out in the mundane world.  When we change into special clothing, we remind ourselves that we are preparing to work magic; leaving the mundane world and entering a magical realm outside of our everyday lives. Garb puts us in the mood to do magic, shows respect to your allies (Gods, Goddesses, Guardians, each other) and reminds us of who and what we are.

5. Ground and Center

Before we can work with energy of any kind, it is important to ground and center ourselves. I wrote an entire post on grounding, but the basics are to clear your mind of distractions (center) and plug into the strength of the earth (ground). The simplest way to do that is to close your eyes, breathe deeply and imagine you are a tree with roots going out your feet and deep into the earth. Raise your arms to the sky and feel the energy of the sun (or God Source) coming into your leaves and branches, going down into the earth. Feel the two energies going up and down and meeting in your center as a ball of glowing light (you can choose your solar plexus chakra or your root chakra, whichever works best for you). With each breath, inhale the strength, determination, will and power of Mother Earth and exhale peace, focus, love and trust. Allow all other thoughts to leave your mind, clearing space for the work ahead. Channel your ball of light down your arms and into your hands and/or your casting tool of choice.

6. Create Sacred Space

We create sacred space before working our magic by cleansing and consecrating an area we intend to use, ridding it of negativity and preparing it for our work. We then cast a circle, or otherwise shield and create a magical barrier. This is perhaps the most important part of working magic. We have, in essence, opened a portal into the magical realm and created a “bubble” in space-time. To cast a circle, we raise our casting tool of choice (wand, athame, staff, finger) declare our intention to create sacred space, and pointing at the ground in each direction, we call in the directions and the elements, rotating our body clockwise and drawing a circle. For instance (you can use your own choice of words and characteristics):

(Facing East) “Great Spirit of the East, Azure Blue Dragon, Element of Air, land of the rising sun, winds that blow across our land, new beginnings, open horizons and home to the winged ones that soar the skies in flight. Focus our minds and cleanse our thoughts. I bless you and ask for your blessing in return, to guard and protect this space as I do my work. I call as my witness, to guide and assist, the sylphs from your domain. In gratitude, perfect love and perfect trust, I summon you forth, Spirit of East and Air. Hail and welcome.”(Light incense, place on altar)

(Facing South) “Great Spirit of the South, Vermilion Bird Phoenix, Element of Fire, place of passion, inspiration and creativity, home of lion, fox, coyote and the slitherers, land of healing, transformation and courage. Ignite our hearts with passion to serve all. I bless you and ask for your blessing in return, to guard and protect this space as I do my work. I call as my witness, to guide and assist, the salamanders from your domain. In gratitude, perfect love and perfect trust, I summon you forth, Spirit of South and Fire. Hail and welcome.” (Light candles on Altar)

(Facing West) “Great Spirit of the West, White Tiger, Element of Water, land of the setting sun, place of intuition, emotion, love and peace, rivers and oceans that sustain our planet, home of dolphin, whale, fish and frog. Open our psychic eyes so that we may see, open our hearts to love and our feelings so that we may know. I bless you and ask for your blessing in return, to guard and protect this space as I do my work. I call as my witness, to guide and assist, the Undines from your domain. In gratitude, perfect love and perfect trust, I summon you forth, Spirit of West and Water. Hail and welcome.” (pour water in chalice (cup) or cauldron (bowl) on altar, or on ground if outside)

(Facing North) “Great Spirit of the North, Black Tortoise, Element of Earth, the silent one, place of birth, death and manifestation, home of the Crystal Devas, stag, dog, horse and wolf, land of empathy, stability and mystery. Center me and lend me your patience and strength. I bless you and ask for your blessing in return, to guard and protect this space as I do my work. I call as my witness, to guide and assist, the Gnomes from your domain. In gratitude, perfect love and perfect trust, I summon you forth, Spirit of North and Earth. Hail and welcome.” (Pinch of salt, dirt or rock on altar)

(Facing Center) “Great Spirit of the Point in Center where we are all united as ONE, in this moment NOW. Yellow Dragon, Open us that we may connect and channel from the Great Above and the Great Below, cosmic and planetary currents to do work for good of all and harm to none. I bless you and ask for your blessing in return, to guard and protect this space as I do my work. In gratitude, perfect love and perfect trust, I summon you forth, Spirit of the Center, Great Above and Great Below. Hail and welcome.”

“Now the circle is cast and we have created Sacred Space.” A confirmation statement such as this “sets” (gels, solidifies) your circle and with a breath from your heart, you should feel it pop, shimmer, crackle or hum.

7. Invite your Allies

“Beloved Goddess Brighid, with gratitude and humility, in perfect love and perfect trust, I call to you to be present and aid me in the work I do here. May your hands be my hands and our hearts beat as one. I call upon your people, the Tuatha De, who are also my people, to bear witness and cheer me ever forward in the work of the world. Please accept my gift and thanks. Sri Vishnu and MahaLakshmi, with gratitude and humility, in perfect love and perfect trust, I invite to you to be present and aid me in healing, protecting and bringing prosperity and peace to my world. Please grant me your blessing and may your loving presence guide me this night. Please accept my gift and thanks. Devas of Amethyst, Carnelian, Rosemary, Basil and Thyme, hail and welcome. In gratitude, perfect love and perfect trust I call to you and ask for your assistance. Dragonfly and Frog, hail and welcome. In gratitude, perfect love and perfect trust I call to you and ask for your assistance. Brownies of the Fae, hail and welcome. In gratitude, perfect love and perfect trust I call to you and ask for your assistance. May all other spirits who have a positive interest in my happiness, well-being and success feel free to attend this ritual and let nothing else enter. Hail and welcome.  As I will it, so it is.”

Inviting your allies is pretty self-explanatory. You call to the circle any Goddesses, Gods, guardians, guides, devas, angels, Fae, animal spirits or ancestors that you wish to cooperate and work with. If you already have some that are familiar to you, ask them to join you for your work. Prepare an offering that they may like. For instance, I regularly work with Brighid (Bride or Breed), who is my patron Goddess. brighidBecause her mythology says that she was fed with milk from a sacred cow, owned an apple orchard and bees in the Otherworld, it is appropriate to offer her milk, apples, honey, or mead. I also work with specific crystal and herb kingdom devas, whom I invite and honor by placing their particular crystals and herbs on my altar, this month I am calling the Devas of Carnelian, Rosemary, Basil and Thyme. Sometimes I work with my animal spirit guides, such as this month where I am calling Dragonfly and Frog. I have a small charm of Frog and an Oracle card of Dragonfly.

You will need to research and get to know your allies.  Most of the time you’ll probably be drawn to ones that you resonate with and will work well together. Occasionally this is not the case, so be respectful, humble and grateful. Also call on allies that are specific to what you are intending to achieve with your work. This month for health, peace and prosperity in the world, I am calling on Lakshmi, the Hindu Goddess of Health, Prosperity, Abundance, Beauty and Love. I will honor her by chanting her mantra 11 times and having her picture on my altar. lakshmi2

Lakshmi Mantra: Om shri MahaLakshmi Namah 

For balance and respect, and because I am casting a spell for Political Peace, I am also calling Lakshmi’s consort (shakti), God Vishnu, the Preserver and Protector. These two always incarnate together and are nearly inseparable. They work very well together. I will make an offering of milk and honey on my altar for them.

Vishnu Closeup

8. Cast your Spell/Say your Prayer/Direct the Energy and Build Charge

For good of all and harm to none, help our divided mind be one
On a path toward peace and away from hate, please bring healing, state by state
Protect us from violence, ending the silence that keeps us apart
Mend our hearts with love and light, lend our minds your generous sight
Grant us the ability to see your face in the person next to me
Bless us with prosperity, removing veils so that we see the good in all humanity.
Turn the wheel of prosperity round, til health and wealth do abound
Abundance flows in positive ways, when good fortune comes good fortune stays
All I wish for, all I need, I summon now with word and deed.
Help us stand as one and rise above, reminding us that we are loved,
always and forever. Namaste/And so it is/Amen

Focus your energy, and through your breath, illuminate that sphere of light in your solar plexus (or root chakra). Breathe in for three, hold for three, breathe out for three, hold for three. With each breath feel the energy building charge. While you are breathing, focus on your intention. My intention is Peace, Prosperity and Political change. P3 for a short, empowered sigil. (I have written a sigil on paper and placed it on my altar.) When you feel that you have built enough energy (you’ll know, don’t stress) take a deep inhale and exhale and “push” the energy out through your solar plexus and down your arms out through your hands, extended in front of you. Say your spell. Feel the energy push out from you, leave your circle and envelop your home, community, city, state, nation and planet. Breathe and feel this as a wave of rainbow light moving like a tsunami, building speed and height until it crests and settles over everything.

Now you build charge for what you have cast. Some people do this by drumming, dancing, chanting, meditating, visualizing or all of the above. The idea is to keep building the energy swell, faster and faster until it reaches critical mass (you’ll know, don’t stress). I like to drum or dance. You choose. Keep the energy going until you feel it has reached its peak and then bring it back down. Sit quietly for a moment feeling the new reality settle around you.

9. Release it and your Allies

Once you have brought your energy back down and sat in it for a moment. Release any expectation of outcome. Release the how, why, when and where. Trust fully, knowing that your will is already done, being delivered in a divine mysterious way. Smile and understand. Give thanks and release your allies. Burn your sigil, spell or prayer, releasing anything residual back into the earth.

10. Close your circle

When you have completed your work, raise your casting tool once more and declare your intention to release your Circle. Point it at your starting point again and re-absorb the energy back into it and return it down into the earth where it dissipates. Return yourself and your space to normalcy by reversing your directions call, and grounding and centering again.

Be silent. Never speak of it again. Seriously, shut the fuck up and get on with your life. Those who speak don’t know and those who know don’t speak. It is tempting to talk about the magic  you just created, but it can easily weaken the work you just put so much time and effort into. If you want to confer with others about what you are doing, do it before you cast your spell, not after. Once the magic is sent out to the Universe, let it be.