Full Moon Magic: August Full Moon in Aquarius – Creating Change and Prosperity

The August full moon, also known as the Sturgeon moon or Green Corn Moon (Native American), Red Moon, and Hazel Moon (Celtic), will be full on the 18th. If you are looking to do magical or energetic work for prosperity, abundance and healing, for yourself, community, nation or the world, this is a good moon to work it under. This month we ask ourselves the question “How do I step into my own personal power and leadership while serving the greater good at the same time?”

My crystal of choice for this month is Carnelian, whose orange warmth invokes the sunset, joy and courage. Known as a stone of motivation and endurance, leadership and courage, Carnelians have protected and inspired throughout history.  Use carnelian on your altar this month to help attract prosperity, courage and motivation for change.

The herb I am using is Rosemary, ruled by Leo and the sun. The primary associations of rosemary are: healing, protection, purification, love, strength, memory, stress relief, and mental clarity.

My life is filled with abundance and all my needs are met. I have more to give the world.

Astrological Considerations for August

I’m not an astrologist, but I like to pay attention to certain facets of astrology for magical considerations. This August lunar phase is ripe for magical workings. With a new moon on August 2, a lunar eclipse and the full moon in Aquarius on Thursday the 18th, we have some really powerful and interesting aspects to work with.

The sun is in Leo and the full moon in Aquarius, who are opposites in the zodiac. Leo, ruled by the Sun, is where our personal power is strong, as well as our sense of responsibility and our connection with source energy. Aquarius is ruled by Saturn and relates more to austerities and service to others, where we often renounce our individual will in favor of the greater good.  Aquarius seeks truth above all things. Leo has a desire for self-expression whose shadow side can express as domination or tyranny. Daring, risk-taking yet introspective Aquarius provides a mirror to Leo’s ego, inquiring “who do you think you are?” Aquarius asks Leo to “check yourself before you wreck yourself.” Aquarius full moon in Leo creates an opportunity for us to use our personal power and creative nature in service to health, unity and prosperity* in the world.
A very shrewd ally to have in this political climate. There aren’t any coincidences, are there?

For good of all and harm to none, help our divided mind be one.
On a path toward peace and away from hate, please bring healing, state by state.
Mend our hearts with love and light, lend our minds your generous sight.
Help us stand as one and rise above, reminding us that we are loved,
always and forever.
Amen/Namaste/So mote it be.

The other aspect I am looking at is Jupiter, who is wrapping up its transit through Virgo. Jupiter is the planet of plenty; tolerant, generous and expansive. Jupiter also rules Thursday, which our full moon falls on. It is associated with prosperity*, luck, abundance, business and political power. Virgo is a grounding Earth sign. With Virgo checking Jupiter’s every move for the last year,  we became practical realists who need to visualize results in order to feel motivated to achieve them. We are “doers” who are not easily lured by get rich quick schemes! During this cycle, we are not risk takers–we need direction, clear goals, and strong plans, and we value tangible results. More specifically with Jupiter in Virgo, we attract the most good fortune when we are helpful, honest, practical, orderly, and when we pay more attention to details.

These wonderful aspects, who are seen to “not play well together” actually DO play well when we take a closer look and channel them toward our goals. (As we do with all magical workings.) Here we can use the energy of this cycle to explore risks, detach and disconnect with old, worn-out patterns that no longer serve us while we connect with new ways of thinking and being that are healthier and more successful. We are ready for a “gut check” with the clarity of vision Aquarius offers and Virgo’s discernment being magnified by Jupiter. We can utilize the mighty power of Leo to creatively express and manifest change in our lives and Jupiter to magnify abundance, healing and prosperity* in the world.

This time is for throwing out old plans, shifting paradigms of belief structure and of choosing our new beliefs.
 This is a time of rebellion – a deep level GUT CHECK to who (and what) we have been following.
This is a time of changing how we want things to be and of reshaping the model that we wish to live by; reclaiming the rules over our own existence. 
This is a time of claiming with both hands the life we are meant to live. This time is telling us that we have the power to shape exactly what we want and we can do so from a place of love, hope and prosperity. It’s not just about dropping everything, it’s about choice.
This is a time where we are being shown where things aren’t working and being given the fire and conviction to say NO MORE and shape the future with our own fingers.

Use your power well and wisely, my little magic flingers, spell chuckers, and energy wielders.

*For my purposes this month, I am choosing to define prosperity as not material wealth, but success, comfort, security, health and well-being as it relates to the world, and especially our nation, as well as myself and my family. priest-nelf2-large