Magic Messages from Frog

I had a visit from Frog friend in the garden tonight. Frog brings magic messages about prosperity and abundance, transformation or transition, luck, spiritual cleansing and is the called the “singer of songs.” Frog shows up with a message for you when you are going through a transition, or possibly coming into your power in some way. Frog’s alluring song guides us through times of growth, transformation or through phases of cleansing; emotional, spiritual and physical.

Another reason frog might have hopped through your path could be linked to your finances in some small way. Frog’s spirit loosens purse strings and can potentially remove blockages or jams by reminding you of the transient nature of life and may encourage you to clear old opinions and beliefs to adopt a new stance or perspective. She is also a symbol of luck.

Since our friend frog lives in two worlds, both on water and land, she understands transition well. This also allows her to walk between both worlds, and as such, is said to be a reminder to listen closely for messages from the other side of the veil – from guides, angels, faeries and other guardians of the earth and it’s seasons. She is closely linked to the element of water, and therefore, the moon, feminine energies and the world of emotions.

Staying in the present moment, being aware and alert and open to possibilities lifted this magical moment from an ordinary one to an extraordinary one for me!