Awake, Aware and Able in a Crazy-ass World: Part 3 Shielding


A very large part of being Awake, Aware and Able is understanding, at a minimum, the very basics, of “energy” within at least our own anatomy and the way it is connected to everything else. Even if you aren’t an empath, healer, witch or shaman, you still  HAVE a bio-spiritual anatomy that circulates energy/frequency to and from the planet, other people, plants, animals and the universe at large. Becoming aware of it’s existence and basic operating principles is key to managing, protecting and strengthening it.

It’s critical to understand this structure in order to begin working with your energy, even if you are merely wanting to protect yourself from other people’s energies and influence, which is enough on its own.


Without going into complex quantum physics, here is a basic overview of the, let’s call it human energetic grid structure. Every living thing (not just humans) has both a physical and subtle, or energy, body comprised of 15 (12 personal and 3 universal) layers of vibrating energy, each with its own purpose, function, color and sound association. These energetic layers or subtle bodies create an interconnected field of electromagnetic energy around the physical body that is commonly known as the auric field. Each subtle body connects into the physical body via an energy point or chakra, which directs the energy into the physical body via the meridian system or nadis, creating a gridlike structure circulating and directing energetic frequency. As you move outwards from the physical body into the auric field, each subtle body vibrates at a slightly faster frequency than the one before it. Each of these different layers of energy, including the one we recognize as the physical body interpenetrates the others to work as a complete system. In turn, our planet has this same structure that links up to our personal grid, so that there is an organic connection between our personal and the planetary grid complex. That connection resides below our feet, at Earth’s core. When we “ground” ourselves to the earth, we are, in fact, linking up the connection to this structure.


Phew. Still with me?



The practice of shielding, then, begins by consciously connecting your personal energy grid to the Earth’s larger one, and then, also bringing DOWN Source energy from the Universe and expanding both of those frequencies throughout your auric field to create not only a healthy circulation, but a defined shield of separation from others when necessary. And it’s always necessary. In my previous post on Grounding, I gave a meditation on connecting and running 2-point energies. This practice merely expands the idea by connecting to a specific color frequency band that is much higher in vibration/oscillation and can keep out unwanted, misdirected and lower frequencies.

What we’ll be doing is connecting to the Earth’s core, and the large, spinning horizontal shield that runs through there, bouncing that energy all the way up to your galactic and universal chakras (18″ and 36″ above your head), pulling specific color frequencies from there and back down to the earth’s core shield. This creates a vertical pillar of light connected both to the earth, the Universal Source energy and your own personal grid structure. Once our pillar is established, we’ll use our breath to BLOW out a sphere into and surrounding our aura with the blended frequencies. I know, sounds complicated, but it’s not! Once we do this once, we can anchor that shield into a crystal, ring, piece of jewelry or a tap on your thymus chakra, creating a magic charm that activates with your intention and a quick breath.

**This is a very powerful magic working/meditation. Please make sure that you give yourself about half an hour before bedtime or a time when you can rest a little bit the first time you activate it.

Shielding Meditation

  1. Prep your space by lighting sage, incense, candles or a salt circle. If you want to use a specific crystal or other piece of jewelry, or a talisman for your anchor charm later, have it with you.
  2. Sit or lay comfortably. Some people have a hard time visualizing the vertical energies when they are laying down, so sitting may be more appropriate for you.
  3. Focus on your breath and “belly” breathe, filling your lungs all the way and making your lower belly rise and fall with your breath.
  4. Feel yourself relaxing completely, allowing any tension to leave your body with your breath.
  5. Turn your awareness into your heart chakra and feel your consciousness shift into the vibration of love and peace that resides there. Allow that peace to radiate out from you in time with your breath.
  6. If you work regularly with specific guides, goddesses, angels, faeries or other beings from the Guardian Alliance, call to them now, gently and with gratitude asking them to hold space and intention while you do your work. Alternately, if you are a witch, you may wish to call a circle. Intend and know that you r guides are there to hold your highest potential outcome, and not to facilitate the work for you. You are creating this magic, not them.
  7. Breathing deeply in, “push” a breath out and down from your heart chakra all the way down into earth’s core on an exhale. Imagine this breath of energy pulling a cord behind it of your own personal energy. When you reach earth core, there will be a very large, horizontal crystalline disc that intersects it. The disc is glowing with a pale turquoise, white and silver light. Intend that your breath pushes your cord of energy right to the center of that disc and creates a connection, plugging in the link. Breathe gently and feel this connection stabilize.
  8. On an inhale, “pull” the glowing pale turquoise/white/silver energy up through the cord that connects to your central vertical column/spinal cord, up through your feet, all your chakras, out the top of your head to your chakra 14, 36″ above your head. Just intend that it is there, even if you aren’t certain or can’t feel it yet. Exhale to push it the last bit of the way up, and feel it ‘pop’ as it makes the connection. Breathe gently bringing in more frequency from your connection at earth’s core and out into your auric field.
  9.  On a next inhale, take a deep breath in and imagine “pulling” golden/silver/white light DOWN from your chakra 14, 36″ above your head and blow it out, all the way down through your central vertical column and back into the disc at earth’s core. Breathe gently and feel both of these connections coming in and out with your breath, circulating up and down in a natural, organic flow.
  10. As you continue breathing gently, intend that the energy cords that you have connected above and below are getting wider with each breath. They are becoming a pillar that surrounds your body, connecting up high and down low into the earth.
  11. With your pillar of very pale turquoise/golden-silver/white light surrounding you, take a deep 2-point breath from both ends and pull them into your thymus chakra, located between your throat and heart chakras at the middle of your breast bone. Hold at the top of the inhale to build a charge.
  12. Tap 3 times on your thymus chakra and release the exhale with as much power as you can out through your thymus chakra and into your aura. Imagine that energy,  white swirling with golden-silver and little flecks of pale turquoise, pops an instant sphere or bubble around you. Breathe gently to stabilize the bubble.
    Alternately, if you’ve brought a crystal, ring or piece of jewelry, or other pocket talisman, you can take it in your left hand, tap it three times with your right hand, then cover your left with your right hand and blow your breath-bubble out, including the energy to run down your arms, out your hands and into your talisman.

Shield of light, bold and bright
Guard and keep me and mine from harm and trouble or will of mind.
With good of all and harm to none, I seal this shield and now it’s done.

Now that you’ve completed this sequence once, when you are ready to activate your shield again, tap three times on your thymus chakra, talisman, crystal or other charm. With each tap imagine or actually breathe 1 – down to earth’s core shield 2-up to chakra 14 3- down to thymus chakra and OUT into the bubble shield. Simple magic, right? You can also say the words above or create your own when you program your charm, repeating them when you re-activate your shield. Each time you do it, you will get faster and your shield will become stronger.