Lemon-Thyme Soap


Last planting year, I grew a wonderful batch of lemon thyme in the garden. It was fruitful and we used it all season in various, tasty dishes. When I harvested and dried what remained for fall, I decided to make a fragrant, yummy soap out of it. It’s been a fantastic success with creamy lather and a nice clean finish.

Follow basic direction and safety procedures for cold process soapmaking found here .

20 oz. lemon-thyme infused olive oil (you can also add some calendula flowers)*
28 oz. coconut oil
6 oz. jojoba oil
4 oz. apricot kernel oil
4 oz. shea butter
2 oz. beeswax
8.97 oz. lye (sodium hydroxide) for 5% superfat
18-20 oz. lemongrass hydrosol (or liquid of your choice)
2+ oz. essential oils for fragrance. I used:
1 full oz of lemongrass EO + .5 oz. lemon+.25 oz lime peel+.25 oz. thyme
Yellow coloring, if desired. I used these

These must cure for a minimum of 6 weeks.

Mindfulness and practical magic considerations:

  • I made these at Imbolc, to use the new energy of the first buds of spring, harness the hopeful energy, as well as to add a burst of warmth (yellow, lemony goodness) to our frosty February days.
  • Brewing on a Friday (the day of Venus) is the ideal day for love, beauty, and friendship magic.
  • Thyme is also a plant associated with Venus. A sprig of thyme in your hair is said to make you irresistible (! 🙂 ) It promotes divination, courage, purification, restful sleep, healing, inner calm and balance.
  • It’s said that the Faeries love thyme and using or wearing thyme can help you to see and communicate with them.

For good of all and harm to none
this soap to clean and brighten our days
with earth and air, water and sun
with gratitude, love, and hands in praise
my will and yours are one

*To make an herbal infused olive oil using the folk medicine method, fill a large mason jar 1/2 way with dried or fresh herbs (if using fresh, set them out for about 12 hours first to release most of their moisture as too much moisture will cause your oil to go rancid, then use a mortar and pestle or your hands to gently bruise the herbs) and fill the jar with olive oil, leaving a 1/2 inch gap at the top for expansion. Set jar in the sun or a sunny window and allow to steep for several weeks (about 4), shaking once a day. If your herbs absorb all of the oil, pour more in until the herbs are covered by 1 inch of oil or more. Strain with cheesecloth into glass bottles and store in a cool, dark place. This oil should stay good for at least a year.
Alternately, you could use a crock-pot on warm for 24 hours. 🙂

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